Chuck Close

Chuck Close

MTIwNjA4NjMzNzc0Mzc2NDYw Chuck Close in an american painter, artist and photographer who’s photo real massive portraits gained him fame. After suffering a spinal injury that left him paralysed he continued to paint, his work is sought after by many renowned galleries and also for private collectors. Since 1960 he has been working on portraits which has gained him critics appreciation.Close is largely known for his large scale photo realistic portraits. This one in particular is named ‘Frank’ painted in 1969 the massive 9 feet tall and 7 feet wide portrait is painted on a canvas with acrylic paint. The scale of the painting allowed for much more precise lines and meticulous detailing and shading. Close doesn’t paint off a real life subject but rather a 2D photograph he has taken of his friends and family, friendships were particularly special to close and he chose to paint them rather than celebrities he didn’t care about, for close frank was one such friend. To gain the likeness he does of his subject close would take the image and divide it up into a grid, which close has become to rely on greatly,  and then apply it onto canvas where he would work in each grid square meticulously. The close analytical painting method is said to have come from his fascination with photography and how detailed a photograph could be. Some of his earlier works he even experimented with recreating the glossy sheen seen over a printed out photograph on his paintings. He also tried methods of trying to make the paintings look pixellated but when seen from a distance the painting merges together just as a photograph would. Close never used traditional paintbrushes he preferred sponges and old rags, even razor blades to add finer hairs and wrinkles. Close has experimented with many mediums such s acrylic, oil paints and mezzotint printing easily changing from one to another. Close has suggested that his concepts are ageless and this is why Close’s portraits have remained in the contempmetoperachuckclose460orary category for so many years.Another favourite of mine is ‘phil’ (1969)  painted in the same style as ‘frank’.He again uses just a tube of black paint and bits of rags and razors to create this amazing photo real portrait. Closes work I feel will influence my work with his methods and the tools he uses.

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